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the drawing class, comfort, and yet
כיתת הציור, נחמה, ובכל זאת

text: noa lidor
מילים: נועה לידור

1. The drawing class

I can look at it
And I can look at it for a long time
But i can not depict it

I can try
For triumph
I can see the wreath on my head
Soaked with tears

I can walk to the other end of the day
I can watch pain
Driving a toy-car in my bathtub
I can see my eyes
Committing suicide
Here in the drawing class
All by themselves

2. Comfort

Marshmallow angels
Sit by the fire

I'm blind in the pink darkness
I'm sick with pleasure
I cut my finger
I fall
Into the body of the lake.

3. And yet

The white angel will fill me with love
To that happy day I delay my passion
That says

I want you, here, now and forever
Or else let me die this instant

The circle around me is made from the tear of god
And I am
The greatest
You will ever meet.

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