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down to earth nomads in quest of future civilization - visiting egalitarian green intentional communities while making the most ecological ethical affordable choices as we travel grow eat buy sell wear live die?


economads library of awareness: activism bare feet biotechnology birth fertility circumcision communities diapers fad diets fluoride garden farm aids music news parenting raw life refuseniks simplicity stevia tv technology travel unschooling vaccines veganism volunteering hygiene anti-zionism


unique collages made out of hand-torn recycled magazines and acid-free paper glued together to form authentic figures made by vegan unschooling artist in wisconsin


humanitarian educational ecological projects focusing on socioeconomic growth in underprivileged regions developing sustainable ecologically sound activities that empower and educate


homepage in german for a small income sharing vegetarian car-free eco-commune in herford formed by people from lebenslaute - the famous direct action symphonic orchestra


folks' business - overfed people from the jewish caste escape from their self-made hell to this vegetarian village in palestine


a self-serve, open, free and multi-lingual database, serving intentional communities and their organizations, individuals and groups searching for intentional communities, and curious aliens observing the evolution of the earth's future civilization from afar


a community currently living in northampton england which intents to relocate and start an anarchist ecovillage growing vegan organic food and materials in a forest garden non-violence unschooling


organic farming community since 1973 owned managed co-operatively cornwall britain veggie boxes permaculture courses apples mushrooms wwoofers


a completely organic vegan and raw restaurant and an ecological shop selling natural non-toxic home and body goods minneapolis minnesota


comprehensive multi-disciplinary health care facilities focusing on disease prevention early detection healthy lifestyle coaching holistic therapies integration of eastern and western modalities


greenhouse and eco-retreats growing organic medicinal culinary herb vegetable wildflower seedlings offering a strawbale lodge and interpretive experiences in manitoba (composed homepage only)

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