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i refuse
האומץ לסרב
in solidarity with conscientious objectors, refuseniks, and all active
non-cooperators of the occupation forces in palestine and elsewhere

בסולידריות עם סרבניות\י המצפון וכל אלו שבאופן אקטיבי אינן\ם משתפות\ים
פעולה עם כוחות הכיבוש בפלסטין ובכל מקום אחר.

i was born in this place for a reason
to be here and now and to make a just choice
i'll provoke the rotten state
i will not cooperate
with violence and self-deception
and the criminals in office

my conscience is my only weapon
i won't take part in the occupation

i was raised to be naive and combative
but blind i am not i am human i am
i can tell what is right
i can see it is wrong
i will not be so passive
as to join into the sham

my conscience is my only weapon
i won't take part in the occupation

i prefer to be called one than be one
no matter what they say i am not a traitor
i will fast in my cell
until justice prevails
for the sake of my son
whom i promised a future

my conscience is my only weapon
i won't take part in the occupation

i am here to live and let live
i choose to oppose and refuse and resist
i oppose the oppressive
i refuse the repressive
i must not be aggressive
in my quest to coexist

my conscience is my only weapon
i won't take part in the occupation

[תודה לסיימון ג'סטר ועמוס על העזרה בתרגום לעברית]

כאן נולדתי ויש לי תכלית
להיות פה ועכשיו ובצדק לבחור
אנער את הממסד
אני לא אתן יד
לאלימות ולסתירה עצמית
ולפושעים שבמשרד

מלבד במצפון אינני חמוש
האומץ לסרב ישים סוף לכיבוש

חונכתי להיות שש לקרב ונאיבי
אך אני בן אנוש ואינני סומא
אני מודע לאמת
אני רואה רק איוולת
לא אהיה כה פסיבי
עד כדי שיתוף עם הונאה

מלבד במצפון אינני חמוש
האומץ לסרב ישים סוף לכיבוש

זה לא משנה מה שאומרים עלי
רק בוגד ישתתף בתיעוב המתמיד
בכלא שש אני אצום
כל עוד צדק נשאר גלום
ולמען ילדי
להן הבטחתי עתיד

מלבד במצפון אינני חמוש
האומץ לסרב ישים סוף לכיבוש

המוטו שלי הוא חייה ותן לחיות
איני יכול שלא להתריס ולהמרות
אני עומד מול הדיכוי
אני מוחה מול הביזוי
כדי לחיות כאן ביחד
לא אכנע לתוקפנות ולפחד

מלבד במצפון אינני חמוש
האומץ לסרב ישים סוף לכיבוש

latuff's 'refuse' cartoon
thank you latuff

الإنجليزيّة | אנגלית | english

العبريّ | עברית | hebrew

participating instruments:

  • corrugated cardboard box (previous use: organic bananas)
  • glass jug (previous use: 1 gallon of organic apple juice)
  • tuba in c (borrowed from dr. t)
  • accordion (didn't have one - used sound module)
  • soprano recorder (i actually had this)
  • rusty human voice

[score (37.5kb)]
download score in a tif file

featuring the voice of haggai matar, yaniv itzkovitz, david zonshein, noam wiener, amit mashiah, and robin damelin (mother to david damelin r.i.p.)

refusnik counter
add this to your site the combattants' letteryesh gvulshministim

"Stop the train. Get off the train. The next stop - nuclear disaster."
-- Mordechai Vanunu, Israeli nuclear technician and whistle blower.

I Am Your Spy
I'm part of the system. I signed this form. Only now I am reading the rest of it.

Free Mordechai Vanunu - Nuclear Whistle Blower
Nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu is serving an 18-year sentence for consciously informing the public about Israel's secret nuclear weapons program.

New Profile - Movement for the Civil-ization of Israeli Society
Changing the Profile of Israeli society from a militarized society of war and might, to an actively peacemaking community in which the rights of all people are respected and promoted equally, and the military occupation of others' lands ends.

Refuser Solidarity Network
A campaign to build support and visibility for the growing numbers of reservists and conscripts who refuse to fight a "War of the Settlements" in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Rotem Mor - Conscientious Objector
I choose not to be part of an army who's way I don't believe in. The Israeli army recognizes the right of conscientious objection, but does not release male soldiers on the grounds of it.

Seruv - Courage to Refuse
We shall not continue to fight beyond the 1967 borders in order to dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people.

The Shministim (K12 Graduates) Letter
Some of us will refuse to serve beyond the green line, others will avoid military service in other ways - we view all these means as legitimate and necessary, and we call on other youth, conscripts, soldiers in the standing army, and reserve service soldiers to do the same.

Support Forum for Conscientious Objectors
Established to defend CO's and their right to refuse army duty on grounds of conscience. This fight is part of the struggle against the Occupation.

Yesh Gvul! (There is a limit!)
An Israeli peace group that has shouldered the task of supporting soldiers who refuse assignments of a repressive or aggressive nature.

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